Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Dark and Ominous Sky: SOLSC Day 26

The sky went dark and ominous, but no one seemed to notice.  We were all debating who would be the one to clean up after dinner.  Lexi placed her finger on her nose and declared
"I'm sick I shouldn't have to clean up tonight."
"Well, dad and I cooked, so this means it's up to you," I replied with a hint of nanny-nanny-boo-boo in my voice.
"No, I need to rest up I have classes this week, and I am not feeling good." Lexi tried again.

The next thing I knew we all in clearing the table making the task less for all.  As we rinsed off plates, loaded the dishwasher, and filled the fridge with the leftovers the three iPhones resting on the island began to blare an emergency alert.  We all stopped and reached for our phones.

The alert made us aware of the dark and ominous sky and the tornado warning for our area.  The sirens in our area began to sound.  We looked at the radar and streets within two miles of us were withing THE AREA of concern!  My husband stepped outside to check the weather.  (I know, not a good idea, he just can't help himself.)  Lexi and I gathered our technology devices, chargers, our cat, and yelled for Tim to join us in the basement.

We sat in the basement watching the radar, texting family and friends making sure everyone was in a safe area and aware of the warning.  The wind began to whistle, and the rain pounded on the windows. It lasted about five minutes, and the warning was over, and we were safe.  It was a small inconvenience, just enough to raise the blood pressure and readjust your evening for a short time.

We walked back upstairs and resumed the dreaded Sunday night routines as we prepared to return to our classrooms and workplace tomorrow.  Grateful.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

I Can't Miss A Day! SOLSC Day 25

I can't miss a day of the Slice of Life Story Challenge!
Even if it's 10:48 PM and my day was hhectic, and I am just getting home! I can not miss a day of writing!

So here I sit tap, tap, tapping away as my family is getting ready for bed and asking me why I am typing and not coming up to bed.
I told them "I can't miss a day, I have to write and post every day for 31 days!

I hope my wandering mind spilling out on the page as suffice as day 25 of 31!  I did write, even when I thought toady I can't, I just can't, I DID!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Let's Reach OUR Potential: SOLSC Day 24

On occasion, I hear people talk about blogging, tweeting, and general sharing as bragging.  The first time I heard this, it halted my blogging and sharing.  I didn't want people to think I was being boastful or looking for attention.  As time went on, I felt like my teaching was lacking something.  That something was my blogging, tweeting, and general sharing with a network of friends.

In my effort to sort this all out I commented to my youngest daughter, Olivia, who never ceases to amaze me with her innocent wisdom.  "I don't share about my teaching to say, we are amazing or I am amazing. I share because I want everyone to know what kids can do and I want others to share with me too. I want everyone to learn together"  Olivia remarked, "So just tell them that." Seriously! Why hadn't I thought of this?

Yesterday, I saw this meme on Facebook, and I was immediately reminded of Olivia's advice.  I am sharing this with you, the Slice of Life community and I invite you to share it should you find yourself in a similar situation.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

What Luck! SOLSC Day 23

I  knew it was a bad idea. I managed to reschedule once, and maybe it will happen again. I just don't want to go!  I am usually very brave about these things, but today I am not feeling it!

I almost got out of this a few days ago.  My friend needed a ride to the airport. "I can do it I blurted out."  It was the perfect excuse to cancel the dreaded appointment.  As soon as the words left my lips, my daughter "reminded" me and revealed to my friend I had a prior commitment!

Today was the day of the appointment I guess there is no getting around it now I have to go.  Then, my phone rings.  It's my husband.  He shares that our daughter (who was in a car accident two weeks ago) was concerned with how her stitches were (or were not healing) he wanted me to have her seen by the doctor today.  "OK, sure, no problem.  I will bring her up to your office today.  What time is best?"  Please say anytime that makes it necessary for me to cancel my appointment I thought. "Noon" was his reply.

So there it was I would be free for my 2:00 PM dental appointment.  I would be getting two fillings today.  I went into my appointment with hesitation and quickly shared this with my dentist. "I am so sorry to be a dentist baby today.  I am not sure why I am so nervous today.  I have had fillings before."

Shot one, Big Stick, and long pressure. Shot two, smaller stick, shorter pressure.  Last but not least, shot three. Zero stick, zero pressure!

As the numbness took over my mouth, I tried to tell myself the worst was over.  And you would think it was.  Drilling and rinsing went on for what seemed like 20 minutes. Then, finally, the dentist says, "One more little bit right here. Are you OK?" I gave him a thumbs up, and then I heard what sounded the last rotation of the drill, and then something hit my tongue. Finally, I thought.

"Wow, I have never seen that before!" said the dentist.  "Let's get a picture of this." He called to the hygienists.  "Deb, You had a crack in the tooth next to the one I was working on, and it just broke off. This is great for you, that tooth was going to break any day, but you're here now and numb. What luck!   Do you want me to go ahead with the crown now?"

Luck?  TWO HOURS later I have two new fillings, a temporary crown, and a very SORE jaw!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Reader Beware! This is one of THOSE TIMES: Day 22

I really, really, really don't like to look at the downside of things. I mean I fight hard to see the brighter side of all things.  But there are those times when you just have to blow!

So take this as my warning reader, this is one of THOSE TIMES!
To help make this post bearable for you and therapeutic for me, I will try to add a dose of bright lining along the way, but I make no promise.

Today I decided would be my day of business.  I am on spring break, and I don't want to let the business side of my life have more than ONE day of my break.  I got up at a reasonable time and started in on the current business of my life.

Okay, I got this, this is my business day.

I started by calling my daughter's university to clarify pre$$ing detail$ of her upcoming $em$ter abroad. YAY! I was able to reach the necessary party but... was told to call back after I filled out more pages of ONLINE FORMS!

Okay, I got this, this is my business day.

What, you have to your taxes done to fill out these forms?

Okay, I got this, this is my business day.

I showered and headed to my accountant.  I walked into an empty waiting room and was greeted and pulled into a cubby right away!
See, it's all good, and I got this!  After 45 minutes she asked, "What's your goal today?"  "REFUND" I bellowed even though I knew it was a dream. We have paid every year for years!  She laughed and announced an acceptable figure (that we owed), less than last year!  With a sad face, I accepted the number.  But my lady is persistent!  She started punching numbers again, and again, and again!  Two hours later I left the office still owing the same amount.  She did offer to notarize a title I had brought in saving me my next trip to the DMV.  I thanked her, picked up my newest bill, all my forms, and headed for home ready to complete my paperwork.

Okay, I got this, this is my business day.

I drove home, no one was home, except the cat, (silent cheers).  I grabbed my laptop and logged in, completed returns, passwords, and usernames at my side, I was ready to slay this paperwork!  I was feeling accomplished.  First login attempt, error. Second login attempt, "the username, and password do not match what we have on file," third, fourth, and the magical fifth attempt, your account has been locked. Call support to unlock your account. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

Okay, I got this, this is my business day.

My husband and daughter called me and invited me to meet them for dinner at one of my favorite places.  Things are looking up!  I joined them for dinner, and we talked about the task of replacing our oldest daughter's car (she was in an accident a week ago.  She is fine, but her car was totaled).  Here we were more conver$ation and more form$ and more deci$$ion$!  We paused the discussion and decided to sleep on it.  Honestly, I should have said, "Do it" and left this job to the two of them. Now, I have to do more research for the car replacement!

Okay, I got this, this is my business day.

We return home, I jumped right back on my laptop, refreshed and was ready to put an end to my working day by completing this one last task.  Hey, what do you know!  My first login attempt was successful!  Whew Whoo! I am on it now. Tap, tap, yes, no, yes, no, what was I so worried about this isn't so bad.  Wait, does that say "Click here to be transferred to a referring site to continue?" Yep, OK, click.... 'This Site Is Not Available. Scheduled Site Repair."

Okay, I don't have this anymore! I am going to have to let my business day creep into tomorrow! NO!!!!!

 Writing this post has made me feel better, and no one in my house knows I just had a meltdown.  I hope you won't tell them!
Writing is so therapeutic!

Fast forward to today, the following morning, THE *&%$# is still down!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Truth is: SOLSC Day 21

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The truth is
Slicers are inspirational and
my post is inspired by The Sassy Bibliophile 

The truth is
I like talking to strangers.  It's true. I love meeting people and learning about them.  Those who know me will tell you I have never met a stranger.  My daughters will roll their eyes and laugh because I embarrass them all the time by talking to strangers.

The truth is
I like being alone.  This one surprises me.  Because I am sure, I am an extrovert.  I get energy from being around others, and I enjoy being in a group.  Recently, I have discovered being alone is nice, really nice! Could I be an ambivert?

The truth is
I love to make others laugh.  I am a Seinfeld fan from way back and with a few tricks, I have learned from my buddy Jerry I can make people laugh.  Some people (my family), are more honest, and they don't laugh.  Or, maybe they didn't understand the humor. Most likely the later.

The truth is
I can't hide my feelings.  If you're with me, you are going to know exactly how I am feeling.  I am not afraid to speak my opinion, and this is hard for some.  I am trying to learn to use a little filter here.

The truth is
I enjoy reality TV.  I only watch this with my daughters, and I pretend to be disgusted. But we all know I am not!

The truth is
I met my best friends after age 40.  I am fortunate to be friends with three of junior high school friends, and I love them dearly.  But the friends I made after forty know who I am now, as an adult and they still like to meet me for movies, lunch, coffee, or just to hang out! This is nice.

The truth is
I don't like hotels. I love to travel and learn about new places. My love of adventure means I have to face my hotel "heebie-geebies" and embrace the strange bed, the carpet,  and the pillow that disappears as soon as my head hits it and relax!

The truth is
I don't long car rides.  I am asleep within two miles, and yet, I never feel rested or as if I have ever reached sleep.  I have to have food and drink at all time, which then means I want to stop for frequent bathroom breaks!

The truth is
I see the perspectives of others often before I see mine.  Maybe my sweet sister taught me to be naturally compassionate.  I spent much of my childhood imagining what it would be like to have to wait for someone else to get me out of bed, to help me eat, get me a drink, or even put a few toys within my reach.  My sister was patient,  she did not walk, nor talk but and she taught me so much.

Monday, March 20, 2017

I Am Happy I Did: SOLSC Day 20

A few years ago Lisa wrote a post about what she was happy she had done. I was inspired to do the same.
So in no particular order... here it is! 

Married my high school sweetheart
Moved to Japan for four years

Had two great girls 
Raised strong
independent daughters

Chose to live close to our families in adult life
Stayed in our house so the girls could stay 
with their friends through school

Bought the girls the Ragdoll kitty
they begged to have

Say I love you to my girls every day
Read books to them every night
no fail (birth to 13)

Let the girls go to college out of state
Go to the beach each summer

Learned to like coffee and craft beers
I always say yes ice cream 
Said yes to breakfast for dinner

Started blogging and Tweeting
Connected me and my classroom to a global community

Chose to be a special needs teacher to help kids like my sister
Recognized when I needed to change my teaching focus when I was feeling icky in special education

Spent the nights with my sister the
week she died